Safer Together: The Power of Rubica’s Secure Network

Rubica’s secure network is built on community-based protection

Herd immunity means we’re safer together. If you’re using Rubica’s secure network, you’ve probably received a cyber alert message like: “Rubica blocked X malicious websites & prevented Y threats from reaching customers.” It’s the power of herd immunity that makes our anti-malware, mobile security app far more effective than traditional antivirus for our customers.

What’s the big deal and how does that affect me?

Short Answer: You’re more protected every time Rubica discovers and blocks a threat for any Rubica user because you are then also protected from that threat.

The Longer Explanation – Threats come in many forms: malicious websites, malware, phishing, rogue apps, and more.  Cybercriminals are always finding new ways to compromise our machines, our data and our accounts.  Because malware evolves and adapts, the cybersecurity protection you use needs to evolve and adapt in real-time.  A secure network should be ever-responsive because cybercrime is not stagnant.

Rubica’s secure network is designed to include a combination of cybersecurity software, suspicious activity detection, and human threat hunters.  Our software uses malware signatures (programmatic rules) to scan then block known threats including phishing links, viruses and trojans.  Our analytics look for anomalies and suspicious behavior in your device’s activity and flag those events for our malware experts.  Our analysts (threat hunters in our Security Operations Center or SOC) investigate data anomalies and suspicious events to ferret out threats and perform immediate remediation.

Every time the Rubica SOC discovers a new threat (e.g. a new malicious site or piece of malware), they instantly write and deploy a rule that then protects EVERY Rubica customer.  Everyone shares the same security umbrella from the latest cyberattack simply by being connected to Rubica.

I have antivirus software, isn’t that enough for a secure network?  Antivirus is designed to detect malicious software, like viruses, worms and trojans, and remove them from your computer. Antivirus checks your computer programs and compares them to known types of malware. It also scans for behaviors that may signal the presence of a new, unknown malware.

The problems with antivirus:

  1. It’s antiquated – it’s been around since the 1980’s and there hasn’t been much innovation since.  Yet malware and cyber threats evolve daily.
  2. It’s not for mobile devices – Antivirus was designed for computers, not for mobile devices.  Antivirus cannot protect your iPhone. 65% of all fraud starts on mobile devices via mobile app threats and mobile-based threats increased 600% since 2015.
  3. It’s useless until after you’re infected – This is a limitation of antivirus host-based detection rather than secure, network-layer detection like Rubica’s.  Antivirus sees malware after it’s already installed on your computer, rather than preventing it (at the network-layer) from installing in the first place.
  4. It can’t detect modern malware93% of malware is now polymorphic which means it adapts in real-time to evade detection. To fight and detect malware threats, users today need network-layer monitoring and adaptive threat-hunting on their mobile devices. Furthermore,  77% of all cyberattacks are file-less attacks which means they don’t leave the traces or footprints on your computer that antivirus relies on to detect the attack.

Rubica offers a secure network with mobile-first cybersecurity

Rubica’s cybersecurity stack is constantly growing, evolving, and improving—plus, we find threats before others do. With roots in our parent company protecting very high-net-worth individuals, former heads of state, and celebrities we’re accustomed to handling people who have a high-risk profile for attack. Since our team uses the same tooling to protect both high and low-risk customers, we simply see attacks other security firms don’t. As a result, we provide community-based protection from layered network security.

Get a truly secure network you deserve with the power of Rubica’s community-based protection.

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