Why Rubica will never sell your data

Though virtual private networks (VPNs) were created to protect consumer’s privacy, last year TechRepublic exposed the fact that many VPN companies sell the information they claim to protect. At Rubica, we refuse to follow suit.  Our “We Will Never Sell Your Data Guarantee” is a promise to never sell customer data or we will pay consumers 3X the amount received. This promise is written in our terms of service.

Your digital footprint is as rare and important as your own human fingerprint. We are against the practice of selling customer data – the very information that a VPN should aim to protect.

This isn’t an empty promise. We put it in our legal terms of service as an enforceable commitment to every user. Coming from a social justice legal background, I am dedicated to ensuring that your Rubica private network stays private, that your data remains in your control, and that we move quickly toward a protection standard for all.

Digital privacy needs to be prioritized and democratized. Selling consumer data is a multi-billion-dollar business and we are boldly warning consumers: anything free online comes with a catch. The reason why email services or handy mortgage calculators are free is because they are gathering and selling your data. The very nature of a VPN is to serve as a protection net. We believe selling the data of the consumers it claims to protect is unethical.

Rubica is a greater-good technology aiming to bring meaningful protection to consumers. Our business model will never profit from exploiting consumer data. Everything we do is guided by a core principle of protecting the individual’s digital right to security and privacy.

We mean it when we say we will never sell you or your data out.