Rubica CyberSecurity Startup ISO 27001 Compliance

If a company wants to signal its seriousness to customers and investors, it pursues an ISO certification. Just like other industry giants, Rubica is proud to announce independent certification of our Information Security Management System to the prestigious ISO 27001 standard.

Rubica CyberSecurity startup obtains ISO 27001 certificate

We built Rubica from the ground up with security and privacy in mind. Behind every company decision we ask ourselves two questions: first, how will this affect the security of our customers, and second: how will this affect our own security?  Our answers to both of these questions pointed toward ISO 27001 compliance; it’s a big standard, especially for companies of our size.

Because of the arduous process—and because there are no legal or regulatory requirements for compliance—ISO 27001 certifications are typically pursued by corporations like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Surprisingly, very few cybersecurity companies have them. Of those that say they do, many have a very limited scope or provide no way to validate their claim.

Why ISO Compliance Sets us Apart

Certification to ISO 27001 is optional. Rubica decided it was the best way to validate our own internal security controls and to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ sensitive data.

Our certification was issued by NQA, an industry leading and ANAB-accredited body based in the United States. For issuance of the ISO 27001 certification, Rubica underwent a rigorous series of independent third-party audits.

The scope of our ISO 27001 certification includes our entire line of products as well as our internal business processes and activities. The breadth of our certification reflects our commitment to providing best-in-class security and privacy tools for our customers, so we lead by example as a team composed of elite cybersecurity experts.

Rubica’s ISO 27001 certification can be verified by calling one of NQA’s Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-649-5289 and referencing certificate number 18164.