Rubica and Empire Software Partnership

Rubica and Empire Software Partner to Deliver Secure Online Client Ecosystem for Trusted Advisors

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Empire Software, an enterprise and mobile portal that organizes advisor and client information into a cloud-based platform, to combine our technologies to empower family offices, wealth managers, business managers, and CPAs with secure and consolidated data. The result will cater to the full spectrum of high net worth clients and families, enabling a true 360-degree view of their finances through a secure and sustainable ecosystem.

Every day, cyber threats become more sophisticated, bigger, and closer to home. With the rise in corporate hacks, threats to physical security, and bad actors – now is an extremely important time for business managers, CPAs, family offices, wealth manager, and their firms to protect client data and digital identities.


“Rubica’s enterprise-grade cybersecurity technology was first built to protect world leaders and Fortune 50 CEOs. We expanded our offering to protect you and your clients because we believe people have the right to be safe online,” said Frances Dewing, CEO of Rubica.

“People have the right to keep their information secure, private, and protected from predators. Since there are humans behind every cyber-attack, we are dedicated to putting our elite team of cyber experts on the front lines of defense, allowing us to be as flexible and agile as the attackers.”

“Rubica is committed to restoring safety to the digital world for individuals, families, and small businesses. We are excited to join Empire’s mission in creating a secure way for business managers, CPA’s, family offices, and their clients to access and manage their finances.”

Protecting client data is a top priority of any good business manager. It’s extremely important that clients can trust their advisors with their most valuable information and data.

Like Rubica, Empire is dedicated to providing advisors and families with the most secure platform possible, whether it be accessing data through their phones, computer, server, or in the cloud.

Matthew Hoffman, Co-Founder of Empire Software, says “In today’s world, people are accessing their data across multiple devices and in multiple locations. Individuals might be trying to access their data from an airport, coffee shop, or a friend’s Wi-Fi. Rubica’s secure network will protect Empire data by monitoring across all devices, whether clients are in the office, at home, or traveling.”

Businesses and individuals will continue to have the need to access their data across multiple devices and in multiple locations that could potentially be dangerous. With the help of Rubica, Empire gives clients the ability to see their total financial picture with ease and comfort knowing their data is highly secure, no matter where they are. Rubica’s team of cyber analysts monitor traffic to and from user’s devices 24/7, allowing Rubica to actively block known malicious items and detect suspicious activity, patterns, and behavior that is analyzed and acted upon by Rubica’s team of human experts. Rubica’s systems are constantly learning so that analysts can recognize new threat patterns.

The partnership aims to create end-to-end security, from devices to the management platform, protecting client data no matter where they are, on every device they own. Rubica’s secure, private network and team of elite cybersecurity experts bring a new, advanced level of safety to Empire users and brings peace of mind to business managers, CPA’s, family offices, and clients.

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