2018 in Review

2018 was a Big Year for Rubica

With a service originally designed to protect the most high-profile families in the world, now, Rubica’s advanced cybersecurity protections are available to more than 30 million people in the US alone. Launching our new tier of service, starting at $39.99/month, was a key milestone in making True CyberSecurityenterprise grade cybersecurity, affordable and available to a broader audience.

Our mission is to protect each person’s individual right to digital security by empowering you to take control of your online world in a more meaningful way.  Rubica does this by helping families make informed decisions about their security and privacy and providing them with the tools and support needed to interact securely online.

The launch of our new service tier wasn’t the only exciting achievement for Rubica this year.  In 2018:

  • Rubica closed a $9M Series A round, with 3 new investors and all of our Seed round investors participating, bringing our total lifetime raise to just under $15M.
  • Rubica has a pending patent for our proprietary threat detection and mitigation technology.
  • Rubica and PURE Insurance teamed up last year to offer $1M of personal cyber security insurance along with Rubica’s proactive security protections.  In 2018, the offering is now live throughout the United States.
  • The launch and refresh of our Rubica iOS App enabled richer content and improved user experience and insight into Rubica’s behind-the-scenes threat detection:
    • A dashboard for viewing all the threats blocked
    • A view into the threats we protected you from behind the scenes, for each device and user
    • Push notifications to alert you in real-time if a threat is blocked or detected
  • We hired our first CMO, start-up veteran Emily Carrion. She spearheaded making our elite services available to a broader audience.
  • Rubica attracted interest from the cryptocurrency community, due to our product’s off-the-shelf ability to secure cryptocurrency and blockchain environments.
  • We made more cybersecurity content, tips, cyber awareness, and consumer education available to the public via our blog, family cybersecurity audits, interactive quizzes and online tools.

2018 is just the beginning. In 2019, our focus is on building in more visibility and nuanced controls for our customers, to allow for a customized and adaptable level of security, compatibility and convenience.  Our interminable focus on innovation and emerging threat-detection is a pillar of our service and a testament to the powerful merger of human analysts and technical tools that is the foundation of Rubica protection.

You are part of something big


Rubica is in a unique position to be a catalyst for change, not only in creating this new niche of True CyberSecurity for individuals, but serving as a living example of how to build a better business.  Where truly investing in people and fostering their holistic potential as individuals is aligned with business outcomes. Where we can influence value in the lives of both our customers and our employees simultaneously.  Where core values of our company resonate both internally and in the integrity of the products and services we offer.

Rubica is about doing something truly novel and meaningful.  If we wanted to stay within the safe zone and stick with the sure thing, then we would have built another enterprise security company.  But that’s not what we did.

We are empowering everyday people to take control of their security and privacy.  We will make this accessible to all families because it is our individual right to engage in our digital world and be secure doing so.  Where there is fear and uncertainty, Rubica brings peace of mind and the confidence to engage actively and fully in our modern, online lives.Thank you for being part of our journey!  If you’re ready to protect your whole family, check out our 50% off Holiday Offer (available for a limited time).