How To Set Up Parental Controls For Your iOS Devices

iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) have numerous built-in parental controls. Whether you want to prevent app purchases, block explicit content, or modify privacy settings, parents have easy access to these parental control settings via the Screen Time feature in iOS 12.

Parental controls can be set up per device or used in conjunction with the Family Sharing feature. To get started, on an iOS device do the following:

The process: How to set up iPhone parental controls

Go to Settings > Screen Time > Turn On Screen Time > Select “This is My Child’s iPhone”

Next you will have the option to configure a Parent Passcode to ensure your child doesn’t alter the restrictions. To make this control effective, it’s important that you use a password that your child doesn’t know (e.g. not the same one you use to unlock the device, or for your home Wi-Fi). Also be sure to save the new passcode somewhere safe (e.g. a password manager or a physical safe).

Now that Screen Time is on and secured with a passcode, you have the ability to customize the
parental controls to your desired preferences. Some of the things that you can restrict on an iOS device are: Safari, FaceTime, Wallet, iTunes Store, News, and Podcasts.

Detailed information on how to configure certain parental controls can be found on this support page from Apple.

iOS devices can be safely used by children with the help of Apple’s built-in parental controls. Combining parental controls and Rubica will go a long way to protecting your children’s iOS devices from malicious cyberattacks and also unsafe content.


As we learned in Rubica’s Cyber Crime and Privacy Risks in Free Mobile Apps for Kids Study, kids are a target for cybercriminals. Joining the 50% of parents who use some sort of parental controls for their kid’s online activity can go a long way in protecting them. By requiring a parent’s password, parental controls prevent kids from downloading any other apps without your knowledge during gameplay. Before letting kids download new apps, we also highly recommend evaluating the app permissions.

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