How To Set Up Parental Controls For Your Android Devices

On average, kids are 10 years or older when they receive their first mobile device, but for the majority of them this is not the first device they’ve used. Setting up parental controls for your Android devices can make your children safer online.

The easiest parental control you can add to children’s Android devices is to set up parental controls on the Google Play Store.  Google Play Store parental controls limit the types of apps, games, movies, TV shows, books, and music that can be downloaded.  For example, if your 8-year old child has an Android device (e.g. tablet), you can prevent mature or R-rated apps and TV shows from being downloaded.

To set up Google Play Store parental controls, open up the Play Store and then:

Tap Menu > Parental Controls > Turn Parental Controls On > Create A Pin > Tap The Type Of Content You Want To Filter And How You’d Like To Filter/Restrict Access

Be sure to archive and store the created pin somewhere safe (e.g. password manager or physical safe).


In addition to the Google Play Store parental controls, you can also leverage the Family Link app.  Family Link can be used to centrally manage and track screen time and approve or block apps a child may ask to download.

Setting up parental controls is really important since we learned in Rubica’s Cyber Crime and Privacy Risks in Free Mobile Apps for Kids Study, kids are a big target for cybercriminals.  Even seemingly innocent mobile games can have deceptive advertising that encourages kids to download problematic secondary apps. Our study found that these secondary apps often had invasive permissions such as the ability to track precise geolocation or have access to your contacts.

While the parental controls on Droid devices may not be as robust as iOS parental controls, the aforementioned controls can still help secure Android devices so they’re safer for children to use.  As always, adding an additional layer of protection to your Android devices, such as Rubica, can go a long way in protecting your children’s Android devices from malicious cyberattacks and also unsafe content.

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