A day with a Digital Bodyguard

You’re in a coffee shop, and like always you’re checking your email and bank accounts.  But this time something goes wrong.  Your screen changes color, you’re locked out, and now they’re controlling your money, your digital identity, and your data.  What happened?

Your phone is your digital twin – it follows you everywhere.  It’s how you control your life in the real world, but anti-virus hasn’t kept up for malware, and LifeLock hasn’t kept up for digital identity protection.

So who’s protecting your digital identity through your phone?  And wouldn’t it be nice if they could watch all of your devices?  If you’re with Rubica, your app is what connects the device, the VPN, the threat hunters, and our concierge service.

Rubica is more.

More than anti-virus: Traditional anti-virus only works on files…and on your computer.  Not your phone. This year, more than 93% of malware shape-shifts to evade detection, and since most malware is file-less, traditional antivirus just can’t see it or shield you from it.

More than a VPN: Most VPNs don’t give you proactive threat hunting or experts you can call for help. Others sell your data and only encrypt your traffic, calling that enough.  Rubica alerts you when we find a problem where a traditional VPN is like a lifeguard without a whistle—they won’t help if you’re in trouble.

More than LifeLock: Like a burglar alarm, LifeLock only works after your identity gets stolen.  By offering digital identity protection online and masking your location, Rubica makes it harder for your digital identity to get stolen in the first place.

Here’s how our app works:

  1. When your app is running, Rubica protects your devices and filters your internet traffic. Your location data gets masked while the app is running.
  2. The Rubica app sends your device data through a filtration process in the ISO-27001-certified security stack.  Our app goes beyond traditional antivirus by searching more than just files.
  3. The security stack blocks known malware signatures for all of your devices, filtering your web traffic and keeping you anonymous while your surf.  While blocking known malware and other cyber threats we keep you anonymous online and protect your privacy. At the same time, our security analysts monitor known malware signatures but also looks for new ones.
  4. Our security analysts build their findings into a smarter, more secure VPN. Our app also tells you how many threats are blocked in real-time across all of your devices – threats like bad URLs from phishing, smishing, vishing, malware and ad trackers.
  5. The app filters your traffic and location for clean, safe browsing.


Plus, the more, the merrier.  For each person that joins Rubica, you benefit from their protection exponentially.  This kind of herd immunity is a core benefit of being one of our customers.  When we block a threat for one customer, all customers automatically receive the same protection.


One app.  One you.   All your devices.