Security stack meets human experts.

Our roots come from a decade of experience providing physical and cybersecurity for high-value targets like billionaires, Presidents, and CEO’s. We took the military-grade solutions used to protect them and now use those same solutions to protect you.

You have the right to be safe while online. It is our mission is to protect your right to security, no matter who you are, what you do, or where you go.

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How does Rubica really protect me against increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals?

  • After you install Rubica on all your devices, your online activity is routed through Rubica’s Secure VPN tunnel. All your network traffic is encrypted.
  • Our VPN encrypts your device’s network traffic. This makes you anonymous anytime you go online and makes it impossible for cyber attackers to observe or manipulate your data in transit.
  • Your session information, but never your content, is then transferred through our Rubica Security Stack, which filters out and blocks known threats and prevents you from going to known infectious sites.
  • Our team of human cyber analysts monitor and analyze all the data flowing through the Rubica Security Stack.  They follow anomalies and suspicious indicators in the data to detect and disable brand new threats as they emerge.
  • Rubica’s security system is enterprise-grade, pairing anomaly-based-detection tools with humans on the frontlines to provide you continuously-evolving protection from threats.

Rubica uses behavioral and technical indicators to start and finish threat hunts before you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Rubica interface with an overview of Personal Cybersecurity
  • This is the number of threats Rubica has identified and protected you from.
  • See how many suspicious events were investigated behind the scenes by Rubica human experts. We only notify you if your action is needed.
  • Learn more about specific threats so you can avoid risky sites.
  • This graph provides a recent history of your data usage and your protection level.
  • Contact our cyber security team and access self-help tips to proactively keep your cyber world safe and secure.

Ordinary threat protection is not enough. You need True CyberSecurity from Rubica. We go further to protect you from:

  • Phishing & malicious sites
  • Malicious pop-ups & downloads
  • Malware & device infection
  • Identity theft
  • Cryptocurrency-theft & unauthorized crypto-mining
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks & privacy threats (internet traffic interception)

Why is Rubica’s VPN and Security Stack better than the rest?

You may be thinking, aren’t all security systems just algorithms that run in the background? Indeed, most security systems can only alert you AFTER a cyberattack. Rubica is so much more.

Rubica has an elite team of cyber analysts from the NSA, Navy, Department of Defense and Scotland Yard.  They actively search for suspicious behavior across all the anonymized customer data.  The Security Operations team and Rubica’s elite infrastructure has been proven to:

  1. Detect unique, new threats. We find a never before seen threat about every 3 days.
  2. Find threats no other security software finds.
  3. Become more intelligent every minute of every day. With our adaptive and proactive threat hunting approach, Rubica detects new, unknown threats through behavioral and anomaly indicators in device traffic, before you even know it.

Restoring safety to your digital world