Happy 3rd Birthday, Rubica!

Three ago years ago today, we officially created Rubica.  It’s incredible to see how some things have changed dramatically, while others—like our mission—have stayed very much the same. We continue to believe in human-centric security: the idea that cybersecurity requires both smart tools and smart people to detect and mitigate threats and that cybersecurity should be accessible to all people.

I wanted to take a moment to share how far we’ve come.

Rubica’s journey started while we were a part of Concentric, a company that does physical and cybersecurity for ultra-high net worth individuals that were vulnerable targets because of their assets.  From there we built our cybersecurity technology to protect some of the most at-risk individuals on the planet. While we continue serving this unique group, we decided to expand our services to everyone regardless of wealth or status, offering the enterprise tools and government-grade intelligence protocols used to protect heads of state, billionaires, and celebrities across the globe.

On this day, three years ago, we spun out of Concentric, and it’s been full steam ahead ever since.

Rubica is growing up so fast, I can hardly believe it!  Let’s look at some Rubica baby pictures…

First logo (adorable, Rubica, but you look better as you age…)



First customer threat-intel report (pretty sure this was made via Excel…)


Oh, how far we’ve come.

Where Rubica is today: 

In the last few months alone, we’ve hit some major milestones.

  1. Rubica’s advanced cyber protection is now available and affordable for all people. Our reputation is growing as the only True CyberSecurity solution offering 3-dimensional protection for families.
  2. Rubica published the first-ever report exposing the hidden dangers in free mobile game apps marketed to young children, raising consumer awareness and providing tactical advice to concerned parents. To learn about the Most Unsafe Mobile Apps for Kids, click here.
  3. At RSA Conference, the largest cybersecurity conference in the world, Rubica made a significant report on Cyber Crime and Privacy Risks in Free Mobile Apps for Kids.  Providing significant guidance to parents and guardians, we were able to share industry advice on how to keep kids safe on free apps—and ultimately, how Rubica can provide an extra layer of security to families.

This is just the beginning.  

Individuals and families deserve to be safe online, and we believe personal cybersecurity should provide the best technology combined with prompt access to real humans. Rubica, in your third year of life, you are a thought-leader in cybersecurity innovation and show unwavering dedication to make personal cybersecurity protection available to anyone.   Happy Birthday, Rubica!