It used to be that identity theft was our biggest issue. We also believed that protection using VPNs, anti-virus software, a home router or even browser plug-ins were sufficient. Now we know more. We need True CyberSecurity to protect our lives, our families’ lives and our businesses.

After all, why worry about the safety of our photos, our money, our connected homes and cars, our children’s online presence and so much more when we don’t have to?

Introducing True CyberSecurity from Rubica

Here at Rubica we know that to truly protect you, your family and business, we must go beyond traditional online security protection into True CyberSecurity protection. We must consider your whole life, in and out of the home, and on all your devices and where you connect.

We created Rubica because a few years ago, sophisticated CyberSecurity only protected corporations. Rubica brings the same sophistication to you. The difference is Rubica is also practical and simple enough to use in your personal, daily life.

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Rubica puts our experts on the front lines to defend you.

Rubica’s elite experts come from the Department of Defense, the Marines, the Navy and more. They are housed in our Security Operations Center (S.O.C.), where they proactively search for and defend against CyberSecurity threats. The S.O.C. team and Rubica’s elite infrastructure has been proven to:

  1. Detect unique, never before seen threats. We find a never before seen threat about every 3 days.
  2. Find threats no other security software finds. On average, over 70% of unique threats are detectable only by Rubica. That’s right, only by Rubica.
  3. Become more intelligent every minute of every day. With our adaptive and proactive threat hunting approach, Rubica detects new, unknown threats through behavioral and anomaly indicators in device traffic, before you even know it.

With facts like these, it’s no wonder the highest net-worth individuals and small corporations use Rubica’s elite team.

Rubica runs in the background and protects you and your family’s devices and connections. Our elite security experts and our stack of CyberSecurity tools block and detect threats behind the scenes before they become dangerous to you.

Rubica interface with an overview of Personal Cybersecurity
  • This is the number of threats Rubica has identified and specifically protected you from.
  • See how many suspicious events were investigated behind the scenes by our Rubica human experts. We only notify you if your action is needed.
  • On this screen you can learn more about specific threats so you can avoid risky sites.
  • This graph provides a recent history of your data usage and shows your current status as protected, not protected, or protected with no current internet connection, such as airplane mode.
  • Contact our 24/7 cyber security team and access self-help tips to proactively keep your cyber world safe and secure.

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How Rubica Works:

Effective. Yet so simple:

How do you know if you need Rubica?

If you or anyone in your family has done one of these things, you need True CyberSecurity protection from Rubica.

  • Used public WiFi in an airport or coffee shop
  • Use the same password for multiple accounts
  • Let family members or friends use your laptop to check email
  • Let your kids download a school app and clicked on an ad
  • Had your phone or laptop stolen
  • Clicked on a link from an unknown source
  • Been a customer at Target, Uber, Equifax, Yahoo, JP Morgan Chase or eBay

Restoring safety to your digital world