Hacking Politicians Breaks Democracy

Senior government officials around the world are afforded physical protection (I should know, I used to do it), but receive little to no digital protection. In fact, there is very little systemic digital security for the majority of elected government representatives anywhere – not even in the United States, where recent events would make one […]

The Big Cyber Short

The recent WannaCry attack that exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows XP is targeting old machines with outdated software and in actuality isn’t that sophisticated. Beyond the estimated cost of hundreds of millions of dollars and its impact on more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries, the most significant aspect of the attack is what […]

Rubica raises $5.6M seed series to expand reach of service that keeps families safe and private with a personal cyber operations team

As corporations continue to upgrade their cyber defenses, cyber criminals have turned to easier targets: individuals and their families. To counter this trend and reduce the overall incidence of cyber crime worldwide, industry leaders have invested $5.6 million in cyber security firm Rubica to make the highest level of personal cyber security accessible to more people – particularly individuals who are prime targets for criminals…

The Cyber Second Amendment

As society leaps digitally forward, we often are left grasping for new rules to govern ourselves in the virtual world. At present, this future is legally awkward and clunky as we try and integrate new ways of working and living with older laws and norms. These problems are especially pronounced in the realm of cyber security, where the conventions governing our fundamental rights and safety are being re-shaped by the whipsaw curve of technological progress…

The Quantified Security Self

If you can measure it, you can improve it – says the marketing guru, logistics director and professional athlete. Today you can track nearly anything, as everything we do generates data…

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