Five cybersecurity gifts they’ll thank you for later

Here at the Rubica office, we get a lot of questions from friends and family about staying safe online, particularly during holiday shopping. Spoiler alert – we recommend our own product to secure your digital identity and encrypt your internet traffic, but these days there are many entry points for malware nightmares. To best protect you and your data, I’m sharing our head of internal security’s best advice.

Our top five cybersecurity products this winter:

  1. LastPass secure password manager

Trust me, once you use it, you’ll love it—I was a reluctant convert myself. Far more secure than recycle-and-reuse passwording that most of us won’t admit to, LastPass seamlessly integrates with your mobile and desktop devices, allowing you to easily enter saved passwords onto websites. A built-in Security Challenge audits your password security and gives you an aggregate score, which if you’re competitive, will have you wanting to improve your security score. Pro tip – be sure to enable MFA for your LastPass account to add an additional layer of security.

  1. Signal – secure messaging and calling

Just search on WhatsApp hack 2019 to see why Signal is on our list. It’s not as fancy as some of the other messaging apps pretending to be social media, but this is our go-to for messaging as well as making video and voice calls. Bonus – it’s free and cross-platform so it will work on all of your devices. It’s also interesting to see which of my messaging contacts are getting more security-savvy by the month; it’s usually friends or colleagues who have business reasons to be more concerned about data privacy.

  1. Virtru – email encryption for privacy

I have one email account that’s been around since high school, and if that got hacked, my sent mail itself would be a treasure trove of stuff I haven’t had time to delete. I wasn’t thinking about data privacy back then, but you can start thinking about it today. Next time you’re sending tax info, legal documents, or anything you want to keep safe from potential tampering, easily encrypt the e-mail with Virtru.

  1. RFID Wallet – your mobile Faraday cage

These were mighty ugly three years ago; most of what you could get worked functionally, but was woven from metallic fabric prone to tearing and catching on things. Now, even Tumi has joined the RFID wallet game creating giftable, secure leather goods. Because anything with a chip can leak data, consider a better wallet and keep your digital data discreet. Amazon has many options under 30 dollars as well.

  1. Rubica – VPN + anti-malware + phishing protection

We’re recommending our in-house product because it works to protect your digital identity on all your devices, wherever you go. If you want to mask your traffic, encrypt your surfing experience, block known phishing links, or connect to experts that will help you clean up whatever might have gone wrong in your digital world, check out Rubica.

Let us be your digital bodyguard this season and we’ll keep you safe online, wherever you go.