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We will never sell your data

Rubica Protection on All Your Devices

You deserve Advanced VPN Security

Rubica keeps you anonymous on the internet, protects your devices from attack, and secures you from invisible threats possibly already interfering with your online privacy.

Secure and Anonymous

A private, encrypted VPN tunnel that
shields your identity and IP address.

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Personal Information Stays Personal

Almost everyone is selling your personal data. Rubica guarantees data privacy. We will NEVER sell your data.

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Cross-Device Protection

Security for your phones, laptops, and tablets in minutes. Compatible with iOS, Mac, Windows and Android.

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Bulletproof Security Stack

Military-grade data protection designed for how you use the internet. Built by cybersecurity experts.

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Rubica Threat Shield

Plus, Cybersecurity Experts You Can Call

From former fringe hackers to elite government experts, our 100% US-based team is actively threat hunting on your behalf. Our Cyber Squad is just a phone call away: 866-278-2422.

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Your Reviews Are In

  • Watch as this PR executive shares how Rubica fixed her issues when her text messages were gone, her key social networks had been compromised, and VIPs could no longer access her.

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  • ES is a health-care professional. His phone number was compromised through his mobile carrier. To say it caused chaos in his personal and professional life is an understatement.

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  • When this small business owner reached out to a virtual IT service for help, they installed remote access software to infect her devices. She shares how Rubica stopped her malware problems.

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Each plan includes:

  • Encrypted internet connection

  • IP address & geo-location protection

  • Automatic blocking of malicious downloads & websites

  • Real-time threat intelligence protection

  • Browser exploit protection

  • Data transmission & ISP tracking protection

Restoring safety to your digital world