“64% of Americans have experienced a data security breach” Pew Research

Rubica is the only True CyberSecurity system that finds threats before they find you.

Join the millions of Americans who are turning to True CyberSecurity.

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Rubica Protection on All Your Devices

Ordinary threat protection is not enough. You need True CyberSecurity from Rubica. We go further to protect you from:

  • Phishing & malicious sites

  • Malicious pop-ups & downloads

  • Malware & device infection

  • Identity theft

  • Cryptocurrency-theft & unauthorized crypto-mining

  • Man-in-the-middle attacks & privacy threats (internet traffic interception)

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To fight cybercrime, you need elite CyberSecurity Experts.

Our elite Security Operations Center, known as the S.O.C. has a background like no other. It includes teammates from the Department of Defense, Navy, and Marines. With 10 elite certifications, superior knowledge of existing and new threats, and our advanced automated algorithms that run 24/7, Rubica provides the baddest, boldest, security on the market for you, your family and business today.

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All Rubica service plans include:

  • Personal security VPN

  • Next-generation mobile device protection no matter where you are or what network you connect to

  • Automatic blocking of malicious downloads and websites

  • Emerging threat detection by human cyber analyst team (SOC)

  • Compatibility with iOS, Mac, Windows and Android

  • 100% U.S. based customer support and cybersecurity experts

Restoring safety to your digital world