Restoring safety to your
digital world

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Your personal cyber ops team: Full-service security to keep you and your family safe and private in the digital world

Rubica’s secure, private network and team of elite cyber experts provide you with digital security as powerful as the world’s leading companies’. Extremely sophisticated yet easy to use, Rubica operates discreetly in the background, only alerting you if your action is needed, so you can always be confident in your online safety and privacy.

The easiest, most effective way to lock down your online security

You could spend weeks changing passwords, reconfiguring your wi-fi, and updating software to moderately improve your security. Or, you can take five minutes to download Rubica’s app and be safeguarded by the most advanced, effective cyber security available.

Why choose Rubica

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Personal Security Analysts

Human intelligence to stop human threats

Rubica puts cyber experts from top security organizations like NSA, US Navy and Scotland Yard on the front lines to protect you against cyber criminals.

Customer Stories

  • Rubica acts as a safety net in case emails or other communications services are not used securely, reducing the risk of hackers intercepting your information.

  • Rubica notifies customers when they use an insecure site that requires a login and password. We give specific guidance on how to minimize this risk going forward.

  • Rubica blocks clicks on emails that are actually phishing attacks such, even if they are highly targeted and personalized to the customer.

  • Rubica blocks ads and redirects from dangerous 3rd party advertisements on sites that are otherwise safe.

  • Rubica detects and blocks previously unknown malware based solely behaviors that were suspicious and didn’t match the normal profile of that customer.

  • Rubica blocks known attacks such as advertisements to update anti-virus that are actually malware in disguise.

Restoring safety to your digital world

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